2 Opportunities: Open Submissions / Screenwriting Seminar

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Two opportunities are being offered to Arizona writers:

1. Submissions are open!

Canyon Voices, the literary magazine of ASU’s West Campus, is seeking submissions for Spring 2015. Submissions are open to the community at large. Submit your poetry, art, music, scripts, fiction and creative nonfiction to: CanyonVoicesLitMag@gmail.com.

For submission guidelines, visit: http://canyonvoices.asu.edu/ Submission deadline is March 1, 2015, so you’ve only got a couple days. Get movin’!

2. Reaching out to screenwriters in Arizona!

L.A. Writer/Producer Jeff Schimmel is coming to the Phoenix area for a very special 2-day, all day, class specifically designed for writers who intend to sell their work, whether you are focusing on an original movie screenplay, TV sitcom or dramatic series, or the creation of an unscripted reality show. When you attend the “Professional Class” you will work under the same conditions as a TV series staff writer, or as part of a rewrite team on a feature script, receiving notes from a head writer or development executive. That means you will work in live writing sessions under the supervision of a veteran writer/producer and receive instant feedback with a chance to rewrite with immediate hands-on guidance. This is a luxury rarely conferred upon new(er) screenwriters and the kind of feedback you will not get from a network or studio executive when you try to sell your script.

The “Professional Class” will be held for all level writers on Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22nd, 9 to 5 each day. Jeff’s affinity for Phoenix screenwriters has him providing 16 hours of hands-on writing and instant feedback for only $199! There is no better deal and no other city is getting this class offering!

Because of the intense personalized attention, seating in this class is extremely limited. Click on the Phoenix seminar info on the website link below for more information and to save your seat before the class fills! Register now!



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