Children’s Book Contest Open!

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Southwest Human Development is a nonprofit organization, in Arizona, that serves children between the ages of birth and five years old. One of the most important things we do is the promotion of early literacy. We do this through our 40 programs that serve more than 135,000 young children and their families every year and by giving away more than 100,000 children’s books each year.
As part of an innovative fundraising program, called Books for Babies and Toddlers, Too, we are publishing our first children’s book. To do this we are holding the First Edition Children’s Book Writing Contest. We are accepting manuscript submissions and the author of the one chosen by our expert panel will have their book professionally edited, illustrated and promoted by Southwest Human Development. The book will be distributed through our programs to at least 2,000 children from low income communities and placed for retail sale in local bookstores and online. The author will receive an 8% royalty on all sales.
We are running a contest to offer the opportunity for a children’s book writer to have their book published. The submission period begins on July 15th and will close on September 15th. To learn more about the children’s book writing contest you can visit the First edition website at:
We’re also running an Indiegogo campaign to help pay for the costs associated with publishing the book. To see our Indiegogo page click on the link


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