The Closing of Writing without Workshops

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When Writing without Workshops began in the spring of 2014, we were the only group in town that got together just to write. People in workshops thought it was nuts. “Why would you get together and not have it focused on reading each others’ work? What’s the point?” they’d ask. “But I write at home by myself,” they’d say.

The idea was to build community, to connect with other writers, to create a habit of writing. The idea was that we get energy from other writers and we get focus when we are around other writers writing. We wanted to hold each other to our goals and talk through our writing issues and not be solitary. The idea caught on. There are now almost as many groups in town that write together as there are that workshop.

Things do change in three and a half years!

Our group has changed, too.

After some deliberation, we have concluded that we are no longer serving the purpose we used to and have decided to close down. After this Thursday’s discussion, we’re over and out. No big goodbye–just a so long because I suspect that I and my co-hosts, Mitch and Zooma, will see you around literary Phoenix.

Keep an eye out for us. We’ll look for you, too.

In the meantime, if you want to get together to write at Sip, feel free to email me at

See you in print!


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