The New Group

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That’s right. We’re starting up again–but not the same at all.

Writing without Workshops has taken a new form: The Literary Craft.

Still no workshops.

Taking a note from the group formed in part by Alice Hatcher, we are in the process of forming a book group that discusses literary fiction from the writer’s perspective. We’ll take the work apart and see how it succeeds. We’ll treat the book at hand like it is in a workshop. With different people choosing the book each month, we may find something we would not have chosen to read is amazing. With different people leading the discussion each month, we’ll see different approaches to the book than we might have come up with on our own. I mean, I can list more reasons for forming the group in this way, but I want to keep it short here.

The two requirements for membership: that you are a writer and that you will only nominate literary fiction.

I think it will be great!

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