I can’t find your meetup. How do I find out about your meeting dates, times, and locations?

You are in the right place. Sadly, though, we have closed down. We’re still on this website, though, in the event that we choose to resurrect ourselves in another form. Maybe we’ll see you then!

How much does Writing without Workshops cost?
For most events there is no charge. It’s free! You may choose to make automatic monthly contributions ($5/month) to help defray Meetup costs, room reservations, and organizer time and effort.

Some special events, however, may have a fee. So far, none of them have.

Who can join Writing without Workshops?
Anyone over the age of 21 because our writing is often not suitable for children and events may include alcohol.

What kind of writing do you discuss?
Any kind of prose and scripts.

How do I get feedback for my work?
There are a few possibilities here:

1) Join a meetup that runs workshops. We don’t.

2) As you get to know and respect people within the group, you might ask people to read your work individually, or form a satellite critique group. This is really a good method, because you have an idea of whose opinion you are getting and you avoid the pitfalls of workshops with strangers.

3) Some events will offer the ability to share your work with a group or a partner.

Are you opposed to workshops? Why don’t you have them?
We’re not opposed, but we know there is more to writing than workshops. There are a lot of workshops in town for a writer to choose from, but not so many that are designed to keep us writing or to keep us connected to each other. Workshops can also seem daunting at times, or discouraging. We like encouragement and support, while still remaining aware craft and gentle criticism.

Where do you meet?
Wherever we are! We’ll be in public spaces, for the most part–cafes, libraries, restaurants, and bars. We will generally be sticking to the Central Phoenix, South Scottsdale, and Tempe areas.

Where do I find the reading materials for the next meeting?
If there is reading material for a particular event, you’ll find that material under the “More” tab, and then “Files”.

What if I haven’t published anything?
That’s okay! Publishing doesn’t have any bearing on whether you are a writer.

I’ve heard Writing without Workshops is partnered with local organizations. Is that true?
We are not officially partnered with any other organizations, though we have two new branches of Writing without Workshops: a Tucson chapter, run by Jodi Eyre, and one practically in the Puget Sound and run by Lynn Murphy. (We’re getting around!) Both Jodi and Lynn are very familiar with the practices of Writing without Workshops, as they have been regulars in the Phoenix/Scottsdale group, but there are variations they have implemented to better suit their communities and their own leadership roles.

UPDATE: All chapters of Writing without Workshops have closed. We’re sorry to no longer serve you.

Who are you?
Your organizer is Robin. She has an MFA in both fiction and non-fiction writing from the University of Arizona, has studied at McNeese State, and has taught writing since 1996. She’s organized several writing groups from Boston to Tucson, writes a couple blogs, and is working on building a writing collective to support new and learning writers.

She’s working on a novel, too.

How do I get in touch with you?

Just go over to our Contact Us page and use the contact form there. It comes directly to us!