Our Writers

We have a diverse group of writers. Check out some of what we are doing here:


Robin Israel, Writer/Editor, is your organizer. She started her blogLeave the Frigging Marshmallows,” in June 2014. It tracks the process of writing a novel, the struggle with it, and the writing life.

She is co-founder of Eyre & Israel, LLC, which provides research, editing, and digital curation consulting to non-profits and cultural organizations. She is also a writing teacher.



Shea Ballard, Writer–This is the page for Shea’s novel progress. He is working on a Young Adult Fantasy novel in the tradition of the Grimm Brothers.



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Mitch Davies is a child of the media having grown up with a father who worked his entire career in the film industry.  The influence of stories, whether real or made up, was always present. Due to this exposure, Mitch viewed most of life’s occurrences as scenes for a story. 



Reitman Rhyasen, Author–My aim is to render Edgar Cayce’s blocks of print into easy(er) to read sentences. I invite you to compare mine to the originals. I’m currently focusing on the Search for God readings, the 262 series.




Laura Beth Ketterer is a fiction writer working on her first book–a YA zombiesque.





Jashana Copeman is an author trying to get her first novel published, as well as a freelance editor. Her author blog is Jashana Writer.




Sherry Siegel has published many newspaper and magazine articles over the years and is finally working on writing that she actually cares about. She posts occasionally at sherrysiegel.blogspot.com.